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Further news

Neues Leben in alten Berliner Gemäuern, January 2024

Reinhold Knodel im Interview: "Im Vergleich zu heute hat uns die Finanzkrise deutlich weniger getroffen", December 2023

That was the year 2023 for PANDION , December 2023

The day-care centre of our PANDION FÜNF FREUNDE project has a new owner, December 2023

Plans for the first OFFICEHOME in a central city centre location in Cologne are taking shape, November 2023

2nd place as real estate management of the year, October 2023

Offices are critical to success (DE), October 2023

„In besten Händen“ – the latest Lebensraum magazine is here!, October 2023

On the brushes, get set, go!, September 2023

Conservation or new construction? (DE), August 2023

Winning design für quarter with 2,500 apartments, July 2023

PANDION and SAHLE co-operate to build in Düsseldorf Heerdt, July 2023

Insight into the financial situation of the past fiscal year, June 2023

Milestone reached: Topping-out ceremony at OFFICEHOME Soul , June 2023

Düsseldorf´s city center is enriched by a high-quality office building, June 2023

"Boden.Fertig.Los" - the latest Lebensraum magazine is here!, June 2023

Two-year interim cultural use starts at “34OST” in Düsseldorf, May 2023

Promoting young talents for visionary urban development,

Shell of the 3rd BA in the PANDION VILLE is completed, May 2023

Grüntuch Ernst Architekten prevailed in our architectural competition,

Anniversary prize of the Immobilienmanager-Award 2023 goes to Transiträume, March 2023


Kick-off of our new format "City Shapers", December 2022

Long-term leases concluded for 13.600 sqm, December 2022

REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2022, December 2022

Space for graffiti art in Stuttgart , November 2022

Vote now! Free spaces for culture in the neighbourhood: Transiträume Berlin e.V. nominated for the imAward 2023, November 2022

PANDION develops ALH property portfolio in Stuttgart West , November 2022

Basic features of our future three-part New Work Hub can be seen , November 2022

Urban planning competition for Max Becker site in Cologne has been completed, October 2022


PANDION celebrates 20th jubilee at EXPO REAL, October 2022

PANDION buys property at Cologne Central Station, October 2022

PANDION XX – Viewed from above, October 2022

Digging at the Albertussee, September 2022

PANDION OFFICEHOME Francis in Düsseldorf is fully let, September 2022

IZ | "Das Rad dreht sich erst wieder ab 2023" (DE), September 2022

Active together , September 2022

Further qualification procedure for residential decelopment in Düsseldorf´s "Belsenpark II" completed, September 2022

blocher partners gewinnt Architekturwettbewerb für PANDION Bahnhofstraße in Berlin-Köpenick, September 2022

PANDION spendet mobiles Studio für Bildungs- und Beratungsangebote, September 2022

PANDION MIDTOWN Construction fence becomes open-air gallery, July 2022

PANDION OFFICEHOME Ostkreuz Campus in Berlin receives first major tenant, July 2022

PANDION buys 3rd plot for PANDION OFFICEHOME Ostkreuz Campus, July 2022

Business-Event Network 4 New Work, July 2022

Shell construction work for the Munich residential project PANDION VERDE completed., July 2022

Expected record financial results for 2021 confirmed, June 2022

City planning competition for Max Becker site in Cologne takes shape, June 2022

Structural work successfully completed, May 2022

Major tenant for PANDION OFFICEHOME Rise in Düsseldorf, April 2022

"Arbeitst(r)äume" - the new issue of our magazine is here! , April 2022

PANDION celebrates the start of the "Himmel unter Berlin" exhibition series , April 2022

PANDION starts sales of high-quality residential quarter in Asperg (Ludwigsburg district), April 2022

Building permits granted for PANDION OFFICEHOME Ostkreuz Campus , March 2022

PANDION buys land from ARA Europe and Allgemeine SÜDBODEN for residential project , March 2022

International architecture contest:
PANDION and City of Düsseldorf select winning design
, March 2022

New development of a modern OFFICEHOME, February 2022

PANDION service company with record growth in 2021 , February 2022

Artistic interim use at Wolframstraße , February 2022

Düsseldorf construction projects progressing rapidly , February 2022

"Es werde Licht" – our latest edition of our corporate magazine Lebensraum has been published!, December 2021

Thomas Zahlmann takes over from Christoph Stöhr, December 2021

DIE ZEIT | Arbeitswelt der Zukunft (DE), December 2021

Concept competition for subsidized rental space, November 2021

Union Investment acquires PANDION OFFICEHOME in Munich's Werksviertel district, November 2021

Art on the building by PANDION OFFICEHOME The Grid, November 2021

PANDION invites to the group exhibition surf'n'turf in the vaulted cellar of the former Bohemian Brewery in Berlin, October 2021

PANDION celebrates topping-out ceremony in Leonberg , September 2021

„Augen auf Beton“ takes encounter to the streets, September 2021

PANDION invites to ONCE ONLY ONCE, August 2021

Summer party for PANDION MIDTOWN, August 2021

Düsseldorf office building PANDION FRANCIS sold to Real I.S., August 2021

PANDION supports flood victims, August 2021

PANDION AG strengthens management level, August 2021

PANDION starts selling the first 89 apartments in Düsseldorf-Heerdt, July 2021

PANDION DOXX: First handovers taking place, July 2021

PANDION SOUL in Munich leased to single tenant, July 2021

Insight into the financial situation of the past fiscal year, June 2021

Secure footing PANDION VERDE is being built in piles , June 2021

PANDION supports Berlin Design Week 2021, May 2021

PANDION starts the sale of 90 apartments in Bonn-Duisdorf, May 2021

More successful than ever: PANDION takes the top places in the bulwiengesa project developer study, May 2021

"Kiez, Quartier &Veedel" - our new edition of Lebensraum Magazine is dedicated to the development of urban quarters., May 2021

Showroom at PANDION FRANCIS completed, April 2021

Best prospects in Cologne, April 2021

Landmark building with state-of-the-art office space being built in Düsseldorf, March 2021

PANDION leases further office space in Düsseldorf, March 2021

Green light for the start of construction in Munich‘s southeast, March 2021

All apartments in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg sold, March 2021

PANDION is a founding member of the Transiträume Berlin e.V. association., March 2021

PANDION FÜNF FREUNDE - Building construction can start at building part C, February 2021

PANDION starts sales of 164 apartments in Düsseldorf-Unterbilk, February 2021

New gastronomy concepts move into the PANDION office tower, February 2021

PANDION SERVICE grows in 2020 and makes digital voting possible, February 2021

Subscription phase of PANDION bond ends early , January 2021

The subscription phase for the investment security on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has started., January 2021

PANDION acquires residential property at Hohenasperg from project developer Classic , January 2021

PANDION completes the “BelsenPark” district with the purchase of a property in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, January 2021

Bond is aimed at private and institutional investors, January 2021