knodel foundation

The knodel foundation is a non-profit foundation that works for global justice and sustainable empowerment of people. It supports project partners in countries of the global South and at the same time is committed to helping the global North - especially Germany - develop an understanding of global interrelationships and its own role in the world. In selecting the projects to be supported, the decisive factor is always the impact and not the location. The ultimate goal is to enable all people, regardless of origin, gender, skin color, religion or other affiliations, to become self-determined and self-reliant and thus create positive change on an economic and social level in the long term.

The knodel foundation was founded in 2017 by PANDION board member Reinhold Knodel and his son Patrick Knodel, who leads the foundation as CEO. By making an annual donation of EUR 1,000,000, PANDION AG, as the donor, makes a decisive contribution to project funding and also covers the administrative costs that arise. This ensures that 100 percent of every euro donated to the knodel foundation reaches the projects. Furthermore, since 2021, every additional donation received from other individuals or organizations is doubled by PANDION.