This is where we present all of the projects that have been realised by PANDION since its foundation in 2002, as well as those that are currently being planned or built. They include complex developments of complete districts as well as residential and commercial properties in Cologne/Bonn, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and Mainz. PANDION’s entire spectrum at a glance.

Property purchase

Do you own a property or a commercially used site that you would like to sell? We will be happy to develop an individual concept for your property and can guarantee a fast and reliable handling of your interests. Write to us at ankauf@pandion.de or give us a call on 0221-71600-0.

Purchase criteria


building plots and revitalisation properties for residential and office buildings as well as district developments


top 7 sites in Germany, preferably Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart


central inner city locations for residential and commercial use

   Existing properties

existing properties that are vacant and/or have short residual lease terms (≈ 3 years)

e.g. administrative, government and public buildings, post office and railway buildings, barracks, industrial plots, former production and warehouse facilities, church properties


total useful floor area of at least 3,000 m²

   Building lease

is not necessary

PANDION DOXX, Mainz bonded port, LE FLUX, Düsseldorf Pempelfort, PANDION THE HAUS, Berlin Schöneberg, PANDION VISTA, Cologne Rheinauhafen, PANDION 4LIVING, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, PANDION FRANCIS (Commercial), Düsseldorf City Centre, PANDION THE SHELF, Berlin Kreuzberg, ISARBELLE, Munich Obersendling, PANDION FIRST, Berlin Mitte, SIEBENGEBIRGE, Cologne Rheinauhafen, PANDION FINE, Cologne Nippes, PANDION COSMOPOLITAN, Berlin Mitte, PANDION PENTA, Munich Pasing-Obermenzing, PANDION WALL18, Berlin Mitte, PANDION PIUSHOF, Cologne Ehrenfeld, HOLIDAY INN, Düsseldorf Pempelfort, PANDION REFLECT, Munich Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, PANDION VILLE, Bonn Duisdorf, PANDION LE BLANC, Munich Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, PANDION QUARTIER A (Commercial), Anzinger Street, Munich Haidhausen, PANDION KLOSTERGÄRTEN, Cologne Junkersdorf, LEHEL HÖFE, Munich Lehel, PANDION BELETAGE, Bonn, banks of the Rhine, PANDION QUARTIER A (Residential), Anzinger Street, Munich Haidhausen, PANDION KLOSTERHÖFE, Cologne Junkersdorf, PANDION FÜNF FREUNDE, Cologne Ehrenfeld, PANDION STADTOASE, Munich Arnulfpark, PANDION BELVEDERE, Cologne Müngersdorf, PANDION PARKSIDE TWO, Düsseldorf Oberkassel, PANDION FRANCIS (Residential), Düsseldorf City Centre, PANDION LE GRAND, Düsseldorf Pempelfort, PANDION PARKSIDE ONE, Düsseldorf Oberkassel, PANDION THE GRID, Berlin Kreuzberg, PANDION BALANCE, Cologne Altstadt-Nord, PANDION ISARBELLE (peripheral development), Munich Obersendling, PANDION D’OR, Düsseldorf Pempelfort, PANDION AM ALBERTUSSEE, Düsseldorf Heerdt, PANDION GARDENS, Munich Neuhausen- Nymphenburg, PANDION VIS-À-VIS, Munich Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, Deutschordenskommende, Bonn Bad Godesberg, FIRMENZENTRALE ENGIE, Cologne Junkersdorf, DREIKLANG, Munich Arnulfpark, PANDION VALLON, Düsseldorf Düsseltal, PANDION MIRADOR, Munich Moosach, PANDION MAISON 2, Cologne Junkersdorf, PANDION PRIME, Munich Schwabing,