Fields of business

We inform the value creation chain of a property from the initial idea, realisation and sale right through to its sustainable management. To this end, we employ an outstanding knowledge of the location, the expertise of experienced project managers and architects as well as the short decision paths of an owner-managed company. The result: high-quality new buildings or revitalisations, individual properties and the development of complete districts, high-rises as well as attractive commercial properties. The philosophy of an all-embracing creation of value has met with a positive response from the market – not least because it is applied and practiced rigorously. The competent teams at PANDION are, on the one hand, the continual source of new, customer-oriented business ideas. On the other hand, they embody a consistency that is fed from expertise, experience, solidity and presence.


PANDION AG and its holding structure creates the framework for the activities of the individual companies. Our teams are made up of specialists in financial accounting, law, controlling, HR management and corporate communication who act as sparring partners for the management to ensure that PANDION stands for quality and reliability in both internal and external dealings.

Project development

PANDION Real Estate GmbH

Things start with the location of suitable properties, followed by their development. The properties gain their unmistakeable architecture in the course of this process, characterised by realistic functionality and emotional added value. This is not a question of creativity “off the peg", which is why PANDION Real Estate regularly organises its own architectural competitions.


PANDION Engineering GmbH

The number, size and urban planning relevance as well as the technical complexity of PANDION projects are constantly increasing - also against the background of current and future sustainability requirements. The establishment of PANDION Engineering GmbH as a new technical business unit was therefore a logical step on the way to further optimizing our planning and construction processes.

Project management

PANDION Projektmanagement GmbH

When plans become buildings and models become stories, you can be sure that our project management is involved. It coordinates the interaction between architects, engineers and owners, from the laying of the first stone to the final handover of the keys This entire process also includes technical supervision and compliance with both time schedules and budgets.


PANDION Vertriebs GmbH

There’s no getting round our sales staff when it comes to searching for and finding the property of your dreams. They work in the middle of the value creation chain and therefore profit from short decision paths. And to ensure that projects are both customer-oriented and marketable, they work intensely on assessing the market potential. This leads to offers that quickly meet the expectations of both buyers and investors.

Acquisitions management


The first point of contact during the construction phase are the acquisitions management staff They take care of the design and equipment of the living space for buyers of our properties. This includes the choice of materials such as parquet floors and tiles, or suggestions for taps and washbasins. The broad range is divided up into matching product lines, most of which can be viewed in our own showrooms.

Warranty management

PANDION Projektmanagement GmbH

The handover of an apartment and corresponding common property does not mark the end of the value creation chain for PANDION. It is only natural for us to continue to help our clients with technical matters or general questions ever after completion and handover of the property. We offer the new owners permanent and competent partners with our experts from warranty management.

Property management

PANDION Service GmbH

After a residential property has been handed over to its new owners, its management becomes very important. On the one hand, the everyday workings of the property have to be coordinated, advice has to be provided with respect to insurances and bills, or the services of tradesmen and other agents have to be commissioned. On the other hand, our property managers help to develop a style of living aimed at portfolio maintenance and value enhancement.