Future residents of PANDION ALBERTUSSEE residential quarter in Düsseldorf-Heerdt can look forward not only to high-quality condominiums directly on the lake, but also to optimal connections to local public and car transport. The double light rail connection facilitates mobility within the city thanks to regular departure times. In addition, the Heerdter Lohweg junction, including the new bridge over Brüsseler Straße (B7), was opened to car traffic in August 2022. The four-lane, 66-meter-long and 25.5-meter-wide bridge has already been accessible to pedestrians and cyclists since December 2021. The junction, which is part of the Düsseldorf traffic concept Heerdt/Oberkassel, has made it possible to better connect surrounding residential and work areas to the higher-level trunk road network.

Quiet living

Although the immediate vicinity to the federal highway might at first glance suggest an increased noise level, the opposite is the case: In order to increase the residential quality, PANDION has erected a noise barrier between Albertussee and the north side of the federal highway B7-Brüsseler Straße during the past months, which was recently completed. The length of the wall is around 450 meters and stretches between Heerdter Lohweg and the Benediktusstraße/Schiessstraße bridge. It varies in height between 2.5 and 4 meters and ensures a quiet living environment in the PANDION ALBERTUSSEE urban district. In the spirit of sustainability, the noise barrier was extended on its northern side - i.e. on the adjacent side in the direction of Albertussee - to include a ground-based wall planting of scaffold climbing plants. 

Are you interested in an exclusive condominium close to the city center, in a green area, in the first row at the lake and with excellent traffic connections? Our sales team will be happy to consult you on the purchase of your new home, which is also ideally suited as a capital investment with stable value. We look forward to your inquiry!