NEWS, August 11, 2023 Two architecture firms, one goal: highest quality in all details

In all of PANDION´s projects, comprehensive sampling is a critical step in the construction process to ensure that the future building will meet the highest standards of quality, design and functionality and satisfy all stakeholders. Sampling is the process of carefully selecting which materials, products, color and other elements will be used in construction. This ensures that they fit perfectly with the design of the building. This crucial appointment took place in the PANDION Albertussee project on a summery August day on the edge of the 42,000-square-meter site.

The special feature: the residential quarter consists of point buildings designed by Hadi Teherani Architects and a shell development based on the designs of HPP Architekten. At the sampling meeting, PANDION therefore met with both renowned offices in order to harmonize the two i/wohnungsangebote/albertussee/admin.php?file=forms&mode=update_dataset&form[module]=forms_news&form[number]=1072ndependent formal and architectural languages. Since the outdoor facilities play a central role in the overall quarter in this project, which extends directly along the namesake Lake Albertus, the team from landscape architecture firm +grün was also on site. 
PANDION´s project team presented a range of elements such as facades, lighting concepts, balcony and terrace coverings, window frames and paving stones for the exceptionally large area of around 4,500 square meters.  
Aesthetics and design, functionality and practicality, quality and costs, as well as sustainability and compliance with regulatory standards and regulations were discussed together. In the end, a joint decision was reached for all elements to be sampled, allowing the project team to start execution promptly. 
Current status 
Things are progressing in leaps and bounds on the construction site: the shell of the first residential building was already completed this month, paving the way for interior finishing and installation and facade work. 
In parallel, the neighborhood is undergoing the process for DGNB Gold certification. This certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council shows that the Quarter is being designed and implemented to a high standard of environmental friendliness, social compatibility and economic sustainability. In order for a neighborhood to receive DGNB Gold certification, it must meet numerous criteria covering various aspects of sustainability. These criteria cover areas such as energy efficiency, resource conservation, environmental protection, social inclusion, health and comfort, economic stability, and other topics. Certification is expected by the end of 2023.