NEWS, October 2023 Unique views of the shell of our residential quarter

At the end of October, we hosted a relaxed after-work event in Düsseldorf at our viewpoint - a location that offers a unique view of our PANDION ALBERTUSSEE project and its namesake lake. Even in rainy weather, our construction site shone in special splendor.

For the evening, we invited interested buyers and purchasers to meet with our sales team to learn about the available residential units in our project while enjoying relaxing music and a signature drink. They were able to see for themselves how far the construction project has progressed by looking out of the window. 

Over the next few years, a pioneering residential quarter will be built on the Albertussee in the district of Heerdt, which is at the same time close to Düsseldorf´s city center and surrounded by greenery. Around 450 condominiums will be built here, supplemented by 300 publicly subsidized and rent-controlled units. Other components: three daycare centers, a community workshop space, mobility stations with e-load bikes, a parcel station and, of course, the lake right on the doorstep.

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