Digging at the Albertussee

September 2022

Where normally excavators and bulldozers are busy digging the excavation pit for one of our largest new construction projects in Düsseldorf Heerdt, we recently offered an alternative program for a few hours: We invited the DRK Wasserstern daycare center to take a look behind the scenes at our construction site at the Albertussee.

Because over the next few years, a new residential quarter with around 750 residential units, including around 450 high-quality condominiums by PANDION, will be built on the site, which covers a total area of around 42,000 square meters. The Wasserstern daycare center is currently located in one of the old buildings on the site and will relocate its facility to the new building after completion of the first construction phase.

The fact that excavation is taking place next to the daycare center every day is of course exciting for the little ones. The 100 children were all the more pleased with our invitation to take a close look at the construction site. Well-equipped with high-visibility vests and construction helmets, the children were allowed to enter the large construction site of our future residential quarter at the Albertussee under expert supervision and accompanied by their parents. Thanks to the excavator driver Waldemar Möller from the demolition company P&Z and the PANDION construction manager Dieter Kuypers, every single child was given the opportunity to make a few rounds at the wheel of the large excavator and to get a picture of the construction site for themselves.

The physical well-being of the little guests before and after the excitement was also taken care of. After the excavator ride, all participants received a small sand bucket with shovels and molds, some of which were put to use directly on a pile of sand that had been specially heaped up for the purpose.

Because daycare centers are an integral and important part of modern quarters, two more daycare centers will be integrated into PANDION ALBERTUSSEE in addition to the Wasserstern daycare center.