Basic features of our future three-part New Work Hub can be seen

November 2022

Two months after the groundbreaking ceremony, a lot has happened on our construction site. But what does it actually look like there at the moment?

We took a look around the site behind the construction fence for you: The outlines of our future three-part New Work Hub are already clearly visible. On the construction site, after the installation of sheet piling and the completion of the special civil engineering work, we are currently moving on to the shell construction phase of the campus buildings, which, once completed, will enable flexible working on a total rental area of 50,000 m², for example through retreats, open spaces, communicative meeting points in indoor and outdoor areas as well as innovative room-in-room solutions.

At the same time, we have set the sheet pile anchors in the eastern part of the excavation trough and completed the preliminary excavation. Here we will be concreting the first construction sections of the invert before the end of the year in order to set up the crane. We will also soon complete the jet-grouted invert as preparatory work for excavating the building pit. In January 2023, we will finalise the earthworks so that the six-storey building construction can begin here as well.

At the same time, we are currently setting up about 40 workplaces directly next to the construction site, so that our building project remains on schedule and we can celebrate a beautiful topping-out ceremony with all project participants in the summer.

Of course, we will continue to show how things are progressing on the construction site in our news articles!Be sure to check out our project page as well: