PANDION celebrates 20th jubilee at EXPO REAL

October 2022

On the occasion of our 20th jubilee, we presented our most important projects in an outdoor gallery at EXPO REAL 2022. "PANDION XX - Viewed from above" is the name of the exclusive exhibition, photographed by renowned architectural photographer Hans Georg Esch.

As project developers, we see ourselves as co-designers of cities, with the task of making a long-term contribution to their overall development. We attach great importance to the high-quality architecture of our buildings and want to live up to this claim in the photography of our projects.

With the help of the wonderful photographs of HGEsch we look at the steep development of PANDION over the past two decades and invite you to join us in taking a look not only backwards, but also from above at the most impressive buildings of recent years - in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Berlin, Mainz and Munich.