In the immediate vicinity of our PANDION MIDTOWN housing project, an On around 3,500 m² and in an exciting, impressive setting, extraordinary art exhibitions found their temporary home for a period of six months and were open to the public.

Current building project PANDION MIDTOWN


For a long time, VAULT has neither brewed nor stored wine. But for a limited period of time, the historic brewery vaults showed their immense potential as a creative free space.

Himmel unter Berlin (Heaven under Berlin)

The extraordinary setting revealed itself to the total of 6,000 guests only after they had visited a bar and passed through a guarded closet door. The previously unseen expansive installations by 14 international artists* unfolded from March 23 to April 10, 2022, to as many as 199 people per evening who received a ticket by personal invitation. The artists* included Leigh Sachwitz (flora&faunavisions), who has already staged the Olympus Perspective Playground exhibition, and light artist Boris Acket, who created a floating wave (Einder) at the Lost Art Festival.

The exhibition and interim use was made possible through the collaboration of the organizers of Himmel Unter Berlin with the association Transiträume Berlin and PANDION. All parties involved are especially interested in reminding of the cultural added value that an interim use of vacant lots can offer to art and artists as well as to society.

The picture above shows the installation GREENWASHING by the artists carocora and Sven Sauer, which deals with the phenomena of greenwashing, pinkwashing or leanwashing. The installation picks up on April 2020, when people all over the world stood on their balconies and applauded caregivers for their grueling efforts. That´s all there was, though. Neither the working conditions have changed since then, nor has the pay scale been adjusted.


From October 30 to November 3, 2021 PANDION invited to visit the group exhibition surf´n´turf for free. Curated by Isabella Sedeka from the XPINKY BERLIN gallery, 13 artists from different countries and backgrounds exhibited a wide range of works from painting to sculpture to installation in the listed vault.


During Berlin Art Week 2021, the Brauereikeller served as the stage for ONCE ONLY ONCE, French artist Djeff´s first solo exhibition in Germany. On view were The Great Escape, a room full of candles; Black Widow, an installation that gives the appearance of a technical trap; and Breeze, an installation that transforms every movement into a play of light, allowing the body to be experienced in space. The exhibition was curated and organized by Polina Piagin and Lotta Pick.