There was hardly a tourist or Berlin resident who didn’t see this extravaganza in the summer of 2017: in cooperation with PANDION, the association Berlin Art Bang turned an empty bank building on Nürnberger Straße into the world’s biggest temporary street art gallery simply entitled “THE HAUS”. Around 10,000 square metres in the heart of Berlin were temporarily converted into a unique world of art of very different styles by 168 local, national and international artists. The special appeal of this temporary use was its finite nature: the pictures, rooms and installations were only on show to the public for a few months. What the exhibition brought for the artists involved was not only a greater visibility and prominence but also some follow-up orders.

Following the demolition of the former bank building, “Pandion The Haus” was built on the property on Nürnberger Straße to the plans of the Potsdam architects Annette Axthelm and Henner Rolvien. Apart from 65 freehold apartments with a total living space of around 3,870 square metres, there will also be two stores with around 325 square metres on the ground floor.


Copyright: Photos Giada Armani, among others