Winning design für quarter with 2,500 apartments

July 2023

Milestone reached: The urban planning competition for the 5th construction phase of Messestadt Riem in Munich has been decided. The BA5 owners´ association, which consists of private and institutional property owners, including PANDION, Bayerische Hausbau and the City of Munich, has commissioned the renowned architecture and urban planning firm 03 Arch. from Munich in collaboration with the landscape architects Studio Vulkan to continue the urban planning process.

A new urban quarter with up to 2,500 apartments is to be built in the coming years on a spacious area of around 250,000 square meters that was previously used for agriculture. The design by 03 Arch. envisages a clear demarcation into two quarters with generous urban spaces connected by a new relief road. A wide green belt between the quarters is intended to provide a high quality of stay and a pleasant microclimate, taking up and continuing the idea of Riemer Park to interlink the landscape over a wide area.

Munich´s city planning councillor Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Merk expressed her enthusiasm for the revised design by 03 Arch: "This is a sensitive response to Kirchtrudering´s existing buildings and to Riemer Park."

In addition to the 2,500 new apartments, areas are to be created for services and location-appropriate commerce as well as numerous social facilities. These include a six-grade elementary school, a facility for open children´s and youth work, a fully inpatient care facility and a flexi-home. Also thought of are kindergartens, crèche facilities and green and open spaces, as well as school sports areas, which can also be used by clubs.

Second place in the competition, which was launched last year, was shared by De Zwarte Hond with RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten and Studio Wessendorf together with Atelier Loidl. A total of fifteen architectural firms had participated in the competition. An exhibition in the area in front of the so-called Kopfbau, a part of the former Riem Airport, will present the three winning designs until late summer.

The result of the competition now provides the basis for the development plan to be developed in the coming years.
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Copyright photos: Lukas Barth-Tuttas