Reflections on Quo Vadis 2024

February 2024

The PANDION management team around CEO Reinhold Knodel has returned from this year´s Quo Vadis in Berlin with many insights. Our highlight of the two-day congress: the panel on "What does good architecture cost for attractive, beautiful cities that are socially just and achieve climate targets?" Together with the renowned climate researcher Prof. Dr. Joachim Schellnhuber and Petra Wesseler, President of the Federal Office for Building and Spatial Research, Reinhold Knodel was invited as a man from the field to discuss ideas and visions for the future of our cities.

In the midst of the ongoing crisis, it was clear that the topics of sustainability and climate protection are of central importance. While Prof. Schellnhuber represented the ambitious vision of making cities climate-positive, Knodel emphasized the urgency of becoming climate-neutral first. He emphasized that even achieving this goal would mean enormous progress and was urgently needed to counteract the challenges of climate change. At the same time, he emphasized the need to overcome regulatory hurdles that could make the path to sustainable solutions more difficult.

The core topic of the panel made it clear that the quality and aesthetics of buildings are not necessarily associated with higher costs. Knodel emphasized that it is often not about big financial differences, but about nuances. This insight is crucial for advancing the discussion on sustainable urban development.

The discussion at Quo Vadis 2024 has once again reinforced our belief that the future of urban development must be characterized by a holistic approach - a balance between ecological, social and aesthetic aspects. We are determined to make our contribution to designing attractive, sustainable cities - not just on paper, but also in reality. For example, with our PĀN district development in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, with which we want to set an example throughout Germany for a liveable, climate-friendly and healthy district.