Space for graffiti art in Stuttgart

November 2022

The site on Wolframstrasse in Stuttgart-Nord is still an unused wasteland, bordered on two sides by high retaining walls. Before a new PANDION project is built here in the coming years on the border to the popular Europaviertel, the gray walls were transformed into an open-air gallery for graffiti art during the past summer half-year. In cooperation with the Stuttgarter Jugendhaus Gesellschaft (STJG), a citywide association for open children and youth work, we at PANDION invited young artists to let off steam on the walls freely and according to their own ideas. From February to October 2022, around 45 artists took advantage of the otherwise scarce space for street art in the middle of the city and applied graffiti in a wide variety of styles and colors to the walls on a monthly basis. While some sprayers focused on a single wall, others combined all walls into one format with their works.

Many thanks to the many artists who staged our property in this unusual way!

Based on a design by Hadi Teherani, PANDION is developing a residential and commercial complex with approximately 40 residential units and 8,000 square meters of rental space on Wolframstraße in the coming years.