PANDION MIDTOWN Construction fence becomes open-air gallery

July 2022

The open-air exhibition Eyes on Concrete" focuses on the many workers on the construction sites of PANDION and others in the capital. Their faces can currently be seen on a large scale on the construction fence of our housing project PANDION MIDTOWN at Landsberger Allee 32 in Berlin-Friedrichshain. This also includes a portrait photo of Zeynep K., a 22-year-old construction management assistant who was nominated in the shortlist of the World Report Awards. The photo was already on display in 2021 on a 130 square metre house façade banner next to our office project PANDION OFFICEHOME The Grid in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The exhibition deals with the question of who these people are who are changing our city so significantly. What are their stories? Where do they come from and where are they going? Berliners can find the answers to these questions free of charge via a QR code on the construction fences. This leads to the website, where video interviews of the participants can be found. The life stories and faces of the painters and drywallers give the construction sites character and personality.

Behind the project "Eyes on Concrete" is the film producer Janine Baumeister, who wants to use her work to bring encounters to the street - where the most diverse people come together, randomly and directly. The idea: the construction fence becomes a meeting place that no longer serves as a mere demarcation, but informs about the people behind the construction site and invites people to reflect.

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