Art on the building by PANDION OFFICEHOME The Grid

November 2021

Not all cobblestones are the same: as part of our art in construction project Topography, shortly before the completion of the Berlin office building PANDION OFFICEHOME The Grid, twelf cobblestones will be inserted into its inner courtyard floor. They aretelling a very special story. The cubes are made of glass bottles that the Colombian-Dutch artist Roberto Uribe-Castro had collected in the surroundings of his Kreuzberg home, in gardens, courtyards and forecourts of nightclubs and bars, melted down and compacted to the size of granite paving stones in order to recycle them as building material. Interested parties can obtain further information about Topography and the artist via a QR code located in the immediate vicinity at the entrance to the office building.

Uribe-Castro's work Topography was part of the exhibition and temporary interim use "My Neighbourhood, My Studio", which took place publicly in PANDION THE GRID CABINS in September 2020. These are five former transformer rooms in the immediate vicinity of the commercial courtyard PANDION OFFICEHOME THE GRID, which have been transformed into pop-up gallery spaces.

Roberto Uribe-Castro has lived and worked in Berlin-Kreuzberg since 2009. The starting point of his work is the history of places and cities. Uribe-Castro works in public space like an archaeologist with archival research. For the artist, emblematic places speak as much as discarded or unnoticed objects on the street. His installations and sculptures have been exhibited in Bogotá, Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Vienna, Shanghai, Dar es Salaam, Madrid, Gois, Barcelona and Cluj.

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