"Kiez, Quartier &Veedel" - our new edition of Lebensraum Magazine is dedicated to the development of urban quarters.

May 2021

Everything there, everything inside, everything fine: In urban quarters, living, working, recreation and social life are equally possible - for young and old people. In the current Lebensraum edition, we take a look at the development of exactly such quarters, i.e. large-scale areas that function like a „city within the city“.

After PANDION has already contributed to several quarters in Germany, we are about to implement the currently largest quarter on the left bank of the Rhine in our home city of Cologne. We take you on a walk through Cologne-Ehrenfeld, where a lively and mixed urban quarter will be realized by 2030 under the project name PĀN (ancient Greek: "everything"). Our Cologne branch manager Klaus Küppers gives you a detailed introduction to PĀN in this editon.

We also report on the centuries-old tradition of neighborhoods. We take a look at beautiful examples from around the world. What is included: immigrant neighborhoods, passive house developments, or neighborhoods created on the drawing board.

Read more about "Kiez, Quartier & Veedel" in Lebensraum #26.

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