"FEELS LIKE HOME": The latest edition of the Lebensraum magazine is devoted to one's own four walls.

November 2020

It’s typical for this time of year and is fitting for this far from normal 2020: we are spending more time at home because the weather outside is lousy, because the nights are drawing in - and because it’s almost impossible to go anywhere in these strange times.

Which is why the latest edition of our “Lebensraum” magazine not only picks up on the current “stay at home” trend but also incorporates what is closest to our heart, namely making the rooms in our own home beautiful and cosy.

We provide insights into different styles of living as well as a link that should answer the question: “What type of home is best for me?” And we take a look at the significance of the kitchen in today’s living concepts as well as the design and construction of apartments. Fitting out your home with choice items of furniture can help satisfy your wish for a more individual character – and they don’t even have to be new. Modern design classics from the 20th century as individual items give any apartment its own particular flair. And we have an article on the “upcycling” trend: this breathes new life into old favourites – with unusual colours and materials. Preferably in a “do-it-yourself” style. Because DIY is experiencing a new lease of life and becomes more than a hobby if the finished items are very impressive and lead to a hand-knitted pullover or self-made dress. This trend, along with more modern (digital) activities for the home are currently attracting an increasing number of fans. Read more about “Feels like home” in Lebensraum #25.

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