Eva Nieuweboer from PANDION is the guest of PB3C’s Immo Podcast on the topic of “Art meets real estate”

October 2020

Are art projects in real estate automatically artwashing? And: Is it possible to bring together economics and the art world? These were the questions that Dr. Josef Girshovich, Managing Partner of the PR agency PB3C put to our colleague Eva Nieuweboer, Project Manageress for Art, Culture & Events at PANDION and Ellen Blumenstein, Curator of artistic support for urban development in Hamburg’s HafenCity, in the latest edition of his immo podcast.

Nieuweboer’s answer: Image building? Of course. But a sales strategy too? Not really. Because “what we at PANDION do can’t be called sponsoring or patronage. We don’t spend money to put our logo on a poster advertising an artistic or cultural event with which we then have nothing more to do. Instead, we provide our rooms or spaces for free.”

“Creativity is the beginning of not only all life but also business processes, without which none of us can survive” – and Nieuweboer means what she says. She has been responsible for PANDION’s commitment to organising the temporary use of empty real estate or wasteland by artists and other creative minds for artistic projects since 2019.

Eva Nieuweboer


Together with Ellen Blumenstein, this resulted in a half-hour talk about the conditions that allow a win-win situation to develop for all protagonists involved in this temporary use, and the importance of a partnership of equals between artists and real estate companies.

The latest episode of the PB3C Immo podcast, as well as earlier episodes, is available from the following link or can be streamed from services such as Spotify, iTunes or Podcaster.de: https://pb3c.com/podcast-24-kunst-trifft-immobilien/