PANDION THE HAUS: Nürnberger Straße 68 is handed over to its owners

August 2020

The project that began in November 2017 on a site not far from the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin Schöneberg ended in August of this year: the completion of PANDION THE HAUS. In mid-August, we handed over the common property at Nürnberger Strasse 68 to its future residents with a great deal of distance and in good spirits. A few days later, we began with the approval and handover of the apartments and are pleased to guide all of the purchasers into their new homes one by one.

Masha was in THE HAUS – again!

For the design of the Foyer of PANDION THE HAUS we came up with something special: In June we invited the artist Masha to help design the entrance area. Masha was already well-known to us through her participation in the artistic interim use of "THE HAUS" by Berlin Art Bang e.V. In 2017, 175 international artists* transformed the existing building on the PANDION THE HAUS property into the world's largest temporary urban art gallery. At that time, the artist Masha painted an entire room in a very short time and with very few means.

This time she painted a wall in the foyer of the residential building, creating a lasting memory of the successful start of the project. The impressive work was also handed over to the owners' association as part of the common property.