"Space gain": the new edition of the Lebensraum Magazine focuses on the issue of interim uses

July 2020

It all begins in 2016 with the installation "dissolve". In that time the artist Ludger Molitor is covering a former Franciscan monastery in Düsseldorf with golden foil. One year later, "THE HAUS" turns a former bank building in Berlin into the world's largest temporary "Urban Art" gallery. Meanwhile, PANDION has made such actions a permanent fixture in its program: we are talking about artistic and cultural interim uses.

In the latest edition of our magazine "Lebensraum" (Living Space), we look at the temporary use of vacant real estate or derelict land by artists and cultural workers and the profit that such temporary uses generate for all those involved.

In this edition, we report on past interim use projects and those we plan to realize in the future. We look at external concepts for temporary interim uses and give artists and other voices from the cultural sector a say. Read more about the "space gain" in Lebensraum #24.

Click here for edition #24 of Lebensraum: PDF-Version or Online-Preview

Copyright Photo: Krousky