PANDION is ready to start building in Leonberg

May 2020

A new residential area in being developed in Leonberg near Stuttgart with our PANDION LEON project. Together with the architects Hascher Jehle, PANDION won the town planning competition for the housing development on the former sports ground in Leonberg. We are planning to build a total of 142 apartments, 42 of which will be publicly subsidised, as well as three smaller commercial units. Work can finally begin on site now that we have received planning permission for the project.

Before the demolition work got under way on the former sports grounds, we wanted to encourage the sustainable use of materials from the old existing facilities. PANDION therefore allowed a local artist to remove various items from the former changing rooms. She was then able to use more than 150 old clothes hooks in her work with youths at the Stuttgart Chamber of Crafts and Trades. What’s more, the football players of Leonberg Alligators were delighted to receive over 200 square metres of old turf which will be put to good use in future on their training grounds.

The next steps in the PANDION LEON project will be the demolition of the Jahnhalle and the gymnasts’ club room before we begin excavating and lining the building pit. All of this will take place safely behind the hoardings that were recently installed – these measure a whole 350 metres and are the longest hoardings used by PANDION to date. The building project is scheduled for completion in mid-2022.